Brief description
SKBS Self-propelled device system is designed for the boiler auto ignition system. The product can propel oil gun and other reliable flame detection probe safely into or out of the furnace.
The product is am import part of the gas ignition system and automated fuel system.
Technical parameters
● Air pressure: 0.2 ~ 1.0MPa
● Ambient temperature: -30 ~ 150 ℃
● Operating humidity: ≤ 75%
● Opening and closing time: ≤ 1S
● High precision, error ≤ 1%
● Power Supply: 24 ~ 220V AC/24 ~ 220C DC
● Control mode: switching
System Features
● superior performance, reasonable structure, high precision;
● Start fast, thrust, no movement dead;
● Sports a flexible, stable, reliable, easy to implement self-control operation;
● Simple structure, easy to operate;
● Double-acting cylinder, oil-free, low consumption, thrust;
● High-temperature cylinder, for use next to the boiler;
● The use of proximity switches or magnetic switches, precise control and easy adjustment;
● High reliability, long life, low failure rate, daily maintenance.


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