1: The large flow or shaped burner can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s requirements
2: Flame length and flame cone angle can be designed based on user requirements
3: According to the customer’s requirements, our company can design varies of burners such as low-speed burner (<60m/s), sub-high-speed burners (>60m/s) and high-speed burners (>170m/s).We can also design and manufacture supersonic burners (>380m/s)
4: Our Company can design and manufacture varies of non-standard burners according customer’s requirements
5: Flame length and flame cone angle can be designed and manufactured based on your requirements.
Our Company designed and manufactured “the low calorific value gas burner” by adopting the world advanced combustion technology. Because untreated coke oven gas contains coal tar and other substances clogging pipes, and the calorific value of the gas is rather low, the normal burner can not directly use it. Coke oven gas is heated so that part of the composition changes physically so as to improve the utilization of heat value of gas, and to reduce the viscosity of tar which is convenient to facilitate the handling of solids, and then after the gas is filtered, the gas can be used by the SKBS series of burners. The burners are designed specially for the coke oven gas because of its low heat value, low pressure, and high impurity content, that can make the coke oven gas resources to be fully and safely used. According to the customer’s requirements, Burners can be designed to be controlled automatically or semi-automatically or to be of manual control.
SKBS series are designed based on the features of producer gas, which ensures their safe and reliable operation of the burners. Producer gas characteristics are as follows: easy to explosive, gas with toxicity and so on. In industry, the quality and pressure of the gas fluctuates and the composition of the gas is not stable, which fluctuates with the different fuel and operation. Currently producer gas is mainly composed of bituminous coal gas and anthracite coal gas. So burners burning furnace gas have special requirements:
1: Valve choice.
2: Organization combustion.
3. Gas flame stability technology during fluctuations.
Our burners have a comprehensive security measures to ensure safety and reliability:
1: Gas filter;
2: Two-valve system;
3. Valve leak detection;
4. The purge before Auto;
5. Flame monitoring;
6. Air pressure protection;
7. Gas pressure high protection;
8. Gas low pressure protection;
9: Two-valve automatically closes when power failure happens, or signal stops.

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