EFFERVESCENT ATOMIZATION BURNER, using a variety of oil as fuel and adopting the advanced combustion technology design and advanced processing technologies, is suitable for various industrial applications, especially efficient combustion of heavy oil with high-viscosity, Residual oil, tar and by-product oil.EFFERVESCENT ATOMIZATION BURNER is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, building materials, light industry and so on.
● Due to the advanced bubble atomization technology, spray particles are small (SMD ≤ 35μm), and the particle size distributes equally.
● Combustion degree is basically free of the effect of the fuel viscosity. Heavy oil and residual oil heated to just above 80 ℃ can be achieved direct ignition in cooling furnace.
● Burner doesn’t coke and plug. It burns with full combustion, no black smoke, no backfiring, and no blow-off phenomena
● Flame length, flame angle and flame shapes can be designed according to user’s requirements
●The product has wide range of fuel flow control and operation flexibility.
● the product has rigid flame and combustion stability.
Technical indexes:
A: Combustion efficiency: ≥ 99%
B: Turndown ratio: 1:6
C: Excess air coefficient: 1.05 ~ 1.15
D: Combustion air temperature: 20 ℃ ~ 500 ℃


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